The Russian Community Centre, located in Wooloongaba, Queensland, is the main central facility for the vast Australian-Russian population living in Brisbane. It is home to many specialty Russian clubs that help promote the Russian culture and traditions in Australia. The centre also has a number of its halls available for hire to the general public.
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2016-12-11 - The List of candidates for the ballot for the QRCC Management Committee 2017

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Advertisement Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Notice of Second Mid-Year General Meeting 11 September 2016

Dear QRCC members,

Please be advised that the Second Mid-Year General Meeting (GM) for the QRCC will be held on the 11th September 2016 at 13:00 pm at the QRCC premises at 19 Lotus Street, Woolloongabba. Registration will be opened from 12:00 noon, so please do not be late.

Notice of the meeting and agenda are enclosed through the link:

• Opening the Meeting
• Apologies
• Committee’s report: all the up-to-date information
• Presenting the new QRCC Constitution under a Special Resolution one more time (includes discussion and questions from members)
• Voting for the new QRCC Constitution:
Do we accept proposed new QRCC Constitution under a Special Resolution?
• Voting results and announcement of the final decision
• General business
• Closing the Meeting

Please be aware all registered members may attend the meeting and take part into discussion. However only those members who paid their annual membership fee before the end of June 2016 are eligible to vote at the meeting (based on clauses 5.6 and 8.4 (d) of current Rules of QRCC).

As you know the First Mid-Year General Meeting was held on 20th June 2016, and new QRCC Constitution proposed by the Committee was discussed in many ways. We respect our members, and that is why this document was discussed with some of you in person at that meeting.

Unfortunately there were not too many people that day. And as we truly appreciate your feedback, and because it is very important to accept workable, complete and consistent document, we provide the proposed QRCC Constitution for your consideration, and hope for your involvement.

The QRCC Constitution was given to every member attended the meeting on 20th June. And now electronic version of this document is available here: Also printed copy may be provided to any member at QRCC events upon the request.


Your feedback, suggestions and disagreements are welcome. Your feedback letter shall be done in writing ONLY, shall be signed by its proposer/author. It must clearly state the reason of your suggestions/ disagreements, and provide your version of reading/ interpreting the clauses of proposed QRCC Constitution. In other words effective criticism should be positively intended, specific, objective, and constructive in order to archive results.

The feedback letter shall be provided to the secretary before 15th August, and may be lodged by email to, or by ordinary post to 19 Lotus St, Woolloongabba, 4102 QLD. Please be aware that deadline for submitting the letters of feedback is 15th August 2016. Late letters will not be accepted and considered. ONLY letters received in time will be discussed at the General Meeting on 11th September 2016.


The main subject for holding this GM is a retrial discussion of proposed new QRCC Constitution under a special resolution and its final accepting and approving.

It is extremely important that QRCC Constitution can accurately reflect how our organization is governed and is up-to-date with any changes to the Queensland Law. It is not helpful to have a Constitution that no one looks at or follows or that few can understand or that it is difficult to apply in general for the association situations. According to the recommendation of leading specialists an organization’s rules should be reviewed at least once every three years and amended, as required.

Taking those factors into account and considering the experience from the last annual GM the Committee made a decision to propose new Constitution of QRCC as a compiled set of rules. Most Non-for-Profit organisations in Queensland operate on the base of the Model Rules introduced by Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999.

QRCC together with lawyers developed a document that successfully integrates the provisions of the Model Rules, current QRCC Constitution and best community practices in order to effectively serve our community needs and comply with the regulatory requirements.

New revision removes contradictions and controversial clauses, clarifies important aspects of organisation’s activities, outlines operational procedures, and accommodates changes to the Law. Therefore, the Constitution suggested by the Committee is more complete, consistent and up-to-date with the Queensland legislation.


Any changes to the incorporated association rules can be made solely by passing a ‘special resolution’ at a general meeting of members (it cannot be passed at a Committee or board meeting or by a resolution without a general meeting). The special resolution will only be valid and taken into effect if at least 75% of members who are eligible to vote and present at general meeting, vote in favour (including those who are not physically attend the meeting but whose ‘proxies’ cast votes on their behalf).

The Committee does its best to keep all procedures valid and lawful acting in accordance to the legislation’s requirements. Therefore, we kindly ask every member to support this initiative and show participation in QRCC life by attending the meeting personally, or by providing us your proxy vote. Enclosed is the Proxy Form to take part into the decision of accepting the new Constitution of QRCC for those members who are keen to support this special resolution, and who are unable to attend the meeting.


As a registered member you may vote by Proxy Form. And it is entirely up to you which way to choose.

First option is to fill the Proxy Form by yourself ONLY. In this case the form must be lodged with the secretary:
• by post to 19 Lotus Street, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102, or
• by email to

These forms must be provided to the secretary for at least 48 hours prior to the GM. Please send these forms from your personal/working email addresses, so we can identify you.

Second option is to give your proxy to another registered member to vote on your behalf. In this case the Proxy Form must be filled in full and signed by BOTH nominator and proxy holder, as well as certified by Justice of the Peace to make it valid and lawful.

These forms:
• must be provided by proxy holders in person ONLY, and
• registered to the secretary on the day of GM, during the registration time, before opening the meeting

Please do not send these forms by post or email, as the forms will not be accepted.

Please be advised that late or inappropriately/ incorrectly filled Proxy Forms will not be accepted.

We look forward to your support at our Second Mid-Year General Meeting 2016!

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