The Russian Community Centre, located in Wooloongaba, Queensland, is the main central facility for the vast Australian-Russian population living in Brisbane. It is home to many specialty Russian clubs that help promote the Russian culture and traditions in Australia. The centre also has a number of its halls available for hire to the general public.
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2016-12-11 - The List of candidates for the ballot for the QRCC Management Committee 2017

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Advertisement Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Contact Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Russian Community Centre
Brisbane, Australia

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia

QRCC General Meeting held at the Queensland Russian Community Centre at 6pm on Monday, January 06, 2014

at 6pm on Monday, January 06, 2014
Present: Elena Manuilenko, Elena Proskurina, Gabriel Masko, Wayne Tilly
Apologies: Elena Sartakova
Correspondence: Insurance Premium, Telephone Bill, Electricity, Urban Utilities invoice, Letter from BCC in regard to the application for the discontinuation of our kitchen listed as a Restaurant Licence and treated as a community kitchen without a licence. 32 page obscene and disgusting filthy letter to be handed to the police.
Repairs and maintenance: The male toilet renovations are now complete and the kitchen floor has been levelled and retiled. The handicap access driveway entrance and crossover is complete with BCC replacing the street parking signs. The entry was used for the first time at the New Year party. The change room has been fitted with a new air conditioner that was supplied by Boral’s and meets all AS compliance. The QRCC was given a used air conditioner by a member of the QRCC that was in good condition but outdated and did not meet the current compliance.
We also have installed a new kitchen unit under the window and removed one of the benches from the side entrance that has given us more space. Further renovations in this area are being evaluated. We have had recent issues with rat infestation and this involved removal of the ceiling tiles in the annex and the destruction of numerous rat nests with young occupants who were drowned. There had been some damage to electricity cables that had to be replaced (rats eating the plastic cable covers) We removed eleven 200 litre garbage bags full of nesting material removed from the annex ceiling.
In accordance with our insurers recommendations we have installed flashing on both sides of the roof this will avoid any further water entering the building during high winds and heavy rain. At the same time we cared out some minor roof repairs where required.
The sunken footpath in front of the QRCC has been raised and replaced with a new footpath and crossover. We appreciate the work by Helen Clark and Gabe for pushing BCC to take action.
New Business: Lena Manouilenko explained she had a meeting with Alla during Wayne’s absence in regard to their view of the situation that had arisen in regard to the removal of Samosveti from Thursday night rehearsals. Lena was quite clear in her assessment that if Samosvetyi were to lose their Thursday nights they would move to another venue – and that the collective was not willing to discuss any offers they were given. Committee agreed that as QRCC has a preference to offer the hall to Russian Groups first and that at this stage QRCC doesn't have any good offers for renting the hall on Thursday nights. However, if the good offer for QRCC will be arising in the future we will come back to negotiation with Samosveti – QRCC has to keep up to date with all current outgoings and every opportunity for income should be evaluated very careful. However, if the time of any Russian collective, which is using hall for free, has to be changed by the reasons which are beneficial for QRCC (we have to pay all the expenses to keep the doors open), these group will be offered any other suitable times and will gave a first right to choose the best time suitable for them from all the available options. Also, if they find any financial sponsors who will help them this will assist the QRCC to carry on with financial outgoings, QRCC will be more than happy to have these groups keep their designated days and times. It is important that we do not keep prospective long term hirers in limbo and a 28 day notice will be given to the collective. We all need to create more and more options for all Russians to get together and keep our customs and culture alive. The QRCC committee has no alternative then to seek funds from hire of the hall as we do not have the expertise or backing of volunteers to organise or run big events during the year. All present voted in favour
There is no any matters to discuss at this point, so there will be no general meeting in February
Committee agreed that the New Year Event was a great night and all present enjoyed the atmosphere and hopefully we all will meet together for 2014 – 2015 New Year! There was a feeling among those who attended to have some dance parties throughout the year as we need to have some functions and other activities now the hall is starting to look like a community centre. The committee have decided to try to organise small events as we are fully aware we as a committee do not have the backing, volunteers or expertise to handle large extravagant events as held in the past.
We hope to have events and Sunday afternoon themes on a regular basis throughout the year. QRCC will approach the Russian community through website and radio seeking for volunteers. Wayne said he is in discussion with the Defence department to put on a function in memory of the Brisbane based Russians who volunteered for military service in WWI. Out of all non Anglo Saxons the Russians were the largest contingent of volunteers 23% of the male population enlisted and served in all theatres of the war with some even going to Russia with the Australian contingent. . If we get funding it will consist of a dinner and dance we need to get this message out there and if it comes off we can organize a list of ancestors of these servicemen to invite as guests along with prominent members of the Queensland Russian Community and dignitaries.
Wayne has been notified that we are unable to have our kitchen reclassified as BCC was notified last year that we hire our kitchen out for profit making ventures. This could only refer to the 2nd Russian Bazaar at QPAC in mid 2013?
Due to the rust inside the stove it will have to be replaced eventually. Last year during the health, hygiene and safety inspection, Wayne had to kill the rust on the outside sides of the stove and it was mentioned that the inside would not pass many more inspections due to age and rust inside the oven. Due to the accusation that we hire our kitchen out for profit use it may be costly repercussions on this year’s inspection.
Committee agreed that much close control should be taken about who is using the kitchen and appliances. Also the list of missing appliances must be written and more responsibility should be taken about keeping the kitchen cooking utensils and miscellaneous under control
Was discussed that Lampada was asking QRCC for been using the hall for poetry reading events as we arranged this last year to allow them free use of the hall for these events as they were free and open to all Russians. Lena M stated that Lampada was not allowed to advertise the dates for the meetings on Russian Radio. Wayne said he would follow this up with 4EB as it seems stupid when we advertise QRCC events and outside organised functions like the New Year Party that all charge and entry fee?
Was raised the question why the past President of QRCC – Vadim Kosse still holding funds of the person who left Russian Souvenirs in the care of QRCC when QRCC are the custodians of these souvenirs and it was agree the funds should be returned to the QRCC bank account as it is quite substantial. Wayne will follow up on this matter with Vadim Kosse. All present voted in favour
General Business
Wayne spoke about the four telephone calls he received from members of the Russian Community in all the calls he was accused of being Anti Russian and carrying out a vendetta against Samosveti. Of these callers only one person gave her name and the other two ladies and the man refused to give their names but had no intention to hear what Wayne had to say on the matter. The callers were quite rude and it was obvious that these people had been misinformed. Wayne tried to explain that Samosveti had not been thrown out of the Russian Centre but were asked to change their day of rehearsal. Wayne felt this was an arranged attack on his wife and himself and hall hirers by the comments made during these calls.
Lena M made the comments that the QRCC has had ongoing issues with parents of students attending Maximo Dancing Academy and others attending the Latin Dance Classes.And at this stage all the matters with Maximo were solved. Wayne said he is sick of repairing the blinds, that were requested by both Maximo and Latinsteps .Over all the time spent by the committee is looking after the Russian centre, keeping it tidy and refurbishing it piece by piece! We are not paid employees we are volunteers and deserve respect from these people. The long term contracts agreements we have in place on hall hire at such low rates do not include committee members to clean toilets, mirrors, empty garbage bins and wash floors. There is also the recent damage to lights and fans that have cost us to date $670 in trying to source the short and disconnect the damaged circuit. With the fans not working we had to allow the air-conditioning to be used during November and December by Latinsteps the hirer, an increase of $300 on our electricity account. It seems the short originated from the damaged Disco ball lights that have now been replaced. Two fans are damaged beyond repair and have been disconnected. Most of the issues above seem to revolve around Latinsteps and the committee has undertaken to advise them their contract will not be renewed at the end of August 2014. Any further breaches through the coming months will result in immediate cancellation of the contract. All voted in favour
QRCC recently organised a replacement to the kitchen flyscreen door pressure return (The second unit) plus the heavy duty front door pressure return that was refurbished back in May. Someone has managed to rip the heavy duty pressure return off the front door, this has caused the glass to pop out at the top beading and pushed the door out of alignment by 25mm, we are waiting for 2 repair estimates. Prior to the New Year party Wayne found one of the large glass doors that partition the annex from the hall had been pushed of the tracks and the track rollers damaged. It has been repaired and is now operational again. The committee will follow this up and will notify all the hirers of their responsibilities or their contracts will be terminated.
The new concrete area, under the building and ramp was full again of rubbish swept down from the local streets. This is an ongoing situation each time we get massive rainfall in a short period and the Brisbane River is at high tide, 6cm or more and all the rubbish is washed into our property. Wayne stated that last year he filled 18 rubbish bags after one flooding. BCC always deny any liability, committee will follow it up again and will come in during the week to clean up.
With no further business the meeting was closed.

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