The Russian Community Centre, located in Wooloongaba, Queensland, is the main central facility for the vast Australian-Russian population living in Brisbane. It is home to many specialty Russian clubs that help promote the Russian culture and traditions in Australia. The centre also has a number of its halls available for hire to the general public.
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2016-12-11 - The List of candidates for the ballot for the QRCC Management Committee 2017

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Advertisement Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Russians are coming!

Russian wooden vessel Russich arrived in Brisbane on the 17th of October 2012 with the crew of 9. The whole Russian Brisbane community were impatiently awaiting the arrival of this historic vessel. The boat moored at the Maritime Museum.

On the 18th of October Channel 10 ran an episode depicting this extraordinary event with the title “Russians are coming!” After this program many Brisbanites decided to visit the museum and see the boat with their own eyes. Adults and kids were thrilled with the appearance of the vessel, and were genuinely surprised on the length of the journey. The visitors had a chance to check the photographs of the trip, which were exhibited just outside the landing, try on the traditional Russian armour, play with the swords and check out various items of the Russian long history, which the travellers brought with them.

The Interview with the crew

On the 19th of October on radio 4EB 98.1FM we had a visit from the crew members of the Russian wooden vessel “Russich”. Irina Bush and Elena German dedicated the whole hour assigned to the Russian Hours to the conversation with the guests.

The crew visiting the station consisted of the Captain of the vessel, Sergei Sinelnik, the boat doctor Victor Ites and the sailor Sergei Alexandrov. The guys shared their experiences and the stories in relation to their travels. They told Irina and Lena that the boat was built in 2006 and is at sea even since. The crew of the vessel is not permanent, and changes during the different legs of the journey, but two members remain constant: Sergei Sinelnik – Honoured Traveller of Russian Federation and his twin brother Alexander Sinelnik, who is also an artist.

The guests of the program mentioned that the trip to Australia was not planned originally, but they decided to drop by our “green continent” while travelling around Indonesia. Besides natural curiosity about Australia, the crew had to complete a few urgent tasks, including the financial side of the journey, before embarking on the further journey.

Brave sailors told about their adventure at sea: the turbulent crossing of the Indian Ocean passing Somali, where they had to request a military guard ship against the pirates. Each one of the studio guests added their impression of the exciting and long sea journey.

You can listen to the broadcast at any time, by clicking

Meeting with the crew of the Russian wooden vessel Russich in QRCC

As we have already mentioned, on the 17th of October 2012 the Russian wooden vessel Russich moored at Maritime Museum of Brisbane, with the crew of 9 people.

The vessel was built in accordance with the sketches and drawings remaining from the X-XII centuries. The original journey of the vessel followed the path of the Russian trader Afanasii Nikitin in the XV century, from the Varigians to India. His long and dangerous journey full of unexpected adventures inspired the builders of the vessel and the brave travellers to embark on the expedition.

The vessel is the brainchild of the main “dreamer” – Sergei Sinelnik, who fulfilled his childhood and found the ways to build the vessel of his dreams. Together with his twin brother Alexander he found the like-minded people to share his dreams with among the motorbike enthusiasts from all over the former Soviet Union. Between them, the future crew of the vessel already crossed seven deserts. Sergei and his brother survived the harshest conditions in the Arabian desert and gained the understanding of the higher power through this experience.
So finally in 2006 the dreams of the ancient vessel came to fruition, when the actual boat left the trusses of the Petrozavodsk shipping yard and went into its maiden journey.

The buzz was in the air in Russian Community Centre in anticipation of the arrival of the travellers. The large screen was set up on the stage, so the crew could show the films about their first trips and share the photos. The attendance was impressive, as lots arrived to listen to the stories from the team and share the joy and pride of the travellers from their achievements.

The team, browned with tan, weather-beaten, lean and with seasalt deep in their skin, was happy to answer the questions from the stage. They covered many nautical miles to arrive in Brisbane and were slightly overwhelmed with the warm welcome from the whole Russian Community.

While the generous feed was prepared, the travellers relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere, and dived into the meal with vigour and hunger befitting their many days of absenteeism of home-made food. Once the thirst was satisfied with wine and beer, the Choir Samotsveti sang a few kazak’s songs, with the audience and the crew’s voices added for the strength.

The night continued with Wayne Tilley offering Australian wine and beer to the guests. Desserts and tea followed, the songs started again..,

The Captain Sergei Sinelnik was slightly concerned and appealed to the Russian Community for assistance with the storage of the vessel, while waiting the right weather to cross the Tasman sea. Unfortunately, their current docking is not suitable for the vessel, as the waves from the passing CityCats and ferries bang the vessel against the pontoon, damaging the pine wood lining. With the strong support of Konstantin Drozdovsky, Father Gabriel and Vladis Kosse, who provided the official Letter of Recommendation, the vessel can be stored at the marina until January 2013. Then the crew will return to Australia and embark on the next leg of their journey to Tasmania.

The warm welcome and the tasty meal set the relaxing mood for the rest of the night. The next visit is scheduled for January, 2013

Before their departure back home from Sydney, the crew will have many wonderful opportunities to interact with the community members, to have a couple of barbeques at the Maritime Museum grounds to taste Australian tender lamb and freshest seafood, to visit the horses with Irina Bush.

Thank you all for your generous contribution to the dinner for the travellers, thank you to Samotveti for their brilliant performance and many thanks to the new committee of QRCC for organising the meeting.

The crew of the Russian wooden vessel Russich would like to express their appreciation and gratitude to the whole Russian Community, to the committee of the QLD Russian Community Centre and to the Maritime Museum staff for their hospitality, support and warmest welcome and are looking forward to the new meeting in January 2013!

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