The Russian Community Centre, located in Wooloongaba, Queensland, is the main central facility for the vast Australian-Russian population living in Brisbane. It is home to many specialty Russian clubs that help promote the Russian culture and traditions in Australia. The centre also has a number of its halls available for hire to the general public.
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2016-12-11 - The List of candidates for the ballot for the QRCC Management Committee 2017

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

2016-11-13 - Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Advertisement Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia  Contact Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Russian Community Centre
Brisbane, Australia

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Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia
Russian Community Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Annual General Meeting was held at the Queensland Russian Community Centre

14th of August 2011 at the Queensland Russian Community Centre was held Annual General Meeting.

Sixty financial members attended the meeting, which according to the QRCC Rules constitutes a quorum.

The first on the agenda was the adoption of the 2010 AGM minutes, followed by the discussion of the new building construction project at 19 Lotus Street, Woolloongabba.

The president Elena Gosse presented a detailed report on the subcommittee’s work on this project.

The subcommittee, chaired by Marina Pollard, had several meetings with the Lord Mayor of Brisbane City, Campbell Newman, and the Head of the Department of the Urban Planning, Amanda Cooper, where the architect Martin Chant presented the projects of the new building.

The project was also presented on the pre-lodgment at Brisbane City Council. Despite the authority’s good feedback and support, the project was put on hold by the QRCC Management Committee due to flood event in January 2011: it has become apparent that the construction of the new building will not lead to the projected outcomes and will require extreme financial investment. The QRCC is situated in the high-risk flood zone and it was a miracle that the building was not affected by the floods earlier this year. The committee decided to suspend the project until the decision of the election report meeting.

On behalf of the Management Committee, Elena Gosse proposed to postpone the execution of the project until the city’s authorities come up with the solution for the high-risk flood zone. As an alternative, Elena Gosse proposed to concentrate on the reconstruction of the building for the 40-year anniversary of the QRCC.

Debating on the issue, Oleg Golikov emphasized that other national clubs such as German, Ukrainian and Polish are based in the old buildings and do not invest in major construction. He supported Gosse in the proposal to concentrate on the refurbishment of the existing building.

This issue was agreed upon and voted for unanimously.

The next on the agenda was the report of the President of the QRCC.

Elena started with the introduction of the members of the QRCC committee. Elena heartedly thanked members as an appreciation for their contribution. She said it was an honour for her to lead such an extraordinary team that has successfully achieved what was initially deemed impossible.

Elena stated that since the first day the committee’s work was concentrated on the stabilisation of the financial position of the QRCC, attraction of the new financial members and volunteers as well as the union of the community by the means of events that would be interesting for all age groups.

The Board of the committee initiated the development of the new website of the Centre, which had been ‘under construction’ for the past few years. The website was developed by Taras Didenko. Currently with the sponsorship support of the Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd, the content of the website is constantly updated and the Centre’s newsletter is distributed through the members database, which has 850 subscribers. Besides, the Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd has sponsored the QRCC branding and design of the logo as well as design and production of QRCC membership cards. From now on all members of the QRCC will receive members’ cards with the new QRCC logo.

In her report Elena spoke in great detail about the Board’s work, organised events, completed projects, great achievements and defeats.

Thus, the following activities, that have considerably increased the profitability of the Centre have been organised:

- Participation in the Queensland Multicultural Festival: thanks to the collaborative work of the members of the committee and volunteers $8,000 were raised.
- Masquerade Ball, that took place and was a very successful event despite the floods.
- ‘Maslenitsa’
- Charity initiative ‘Mercy’
- St. Vladimir’s Ball
- Chocolate Fundraising Event
- Sales of pirozhki, blinchiki, pelmeni & pastries.
- Sales of souvenirs, aprons and T-shirts with Russian symbols, made by the QRCC volunteers.

Major projects that were financed from the fundraising events were:
- Construction of the disability access ramp that is also used by parents with prams.
- Interior redesign of the QRCC: new windows, doors & stage dressing, replacement fixtures and wall lamps in main hall.

The President Gosse stated that thanks to the execution of the above-mentioned projects as well as the interior modernization, the board managed to sign a long-term leasing contract of the hall with the Fieldworks Pty Ltd. This agreement will ensure that QRCC receives up to $10 000 annually for the next 4 years, as of October 2012.

Improvement of the financial position was not the only objective of the committee.

The Board of the QRCC realised that in the modern technologically advanced society community organisations such as the QRCC are struggling to attract and retain people, particularly youth. The Board did everything possible to make QRCC accessible for all the people who would like to join the community: there was always someone on duty on weekends and all the events were organised professionally and up to the highest standards.

In one year the QRCC events became popular not only within Brisbane’s diverse multicultural community, but also amongst politicians and sponsors who expressed their respect and support.

Other events organised by the QRCC Management Committee during 2011 financial year:

• Open Day was held every Sunday, where pirozhki, blinchiki & pelmeni made by volunteers were sold.
• Postfestival screening of the animation movie ‘Belka and Strelka’ and ‘Tough Regime Holidays’.
• Successful discussion of the topic ‘ Healthy Eating: Myths and Reality’. The presentation was delivered by Irina Mitkovets.
• A meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Australia Mr. Vladimir Morozov and the leaders of the Russian communitiy of Brisbane and the youth was organised in collaboration with the Russian compatriots .
• In collaboration with the educational magazine “Australian Lampada” and its editor Ms.Ludmila Larkina, who has very tight bonds with the QRCC, the first joint event was held - literature readings of the ‘Tsvetaeva’s Campfire’.
• A meeting with the representatives of the Soljenitsin’s Foreign Russian House (Moscow)
• The art exhibition of the photoartists Vladimir Leonov was successfully organised
• Presentation of the poetry of the winner of the International Literature Contest Ludmila Larkina.
• An Open Compatriots Forum
• Memebers of the committee Marina Pollard, Olga Sunitsin and Gabe Masko assisted the Pushkin Foundation in organising of the book fair.
• An informational seminar about the facilites available for the seniors who belong to diverse ethnical backgrounds was organised and held in collaboration with the OZPoll organisation. The information provided at the seminar helped many pensioners to learn about their rights as seniors in Australia and to get the benefits and incentives they are entitled to.
• The Day of Russia event was organised and run in 3 stages:
o The ‘ Russian Party’ costume party took place in the QRCC on the 10th of June. Askat Jubaev, who has an experience working with youth, assisted in the organisation of the event. The objective of the event was to attract and engage youth to the QRCC.
Organisation of the youth events will assist in bringing back younger generation to QRCC.
o On the Russia Day on the 12th of June the disability access ramp was opened, that enabled people with disabilities and elderly people to visit the Centre. The ramp also eased the access to the centre for the parents with prams. After the Father Alexander Borodin sacred the ramp, the celebration continued with the buffet where the guests had an opportunity to try dishes baked by the volunteers.
o The celebration concluded with the concert where already known and beloved artists performed with the representatives of other ethnic backgrounds who responded to the invitation and came to celebrate the Russian National Holiday with our community.

Throughout the year the QRCC welcomed such events as :
• St. Seraphim’s School Concert
• Anniversary concert of the ensamble ‘Samotsveti’
• Concert of the winners of the Inna Kogan Music School contests
• Children’s Christmas Celebration ‘Elka’
• ‘Vladislav Musalyamov invites’ concert
• Pushkin’s Birthday and the Russian Language Day celebration, that was prepared and hosted by Ludmila Larkina in collaboration with Pushkin’s Foundation.

In her report Elena thanked all Board members and volunteers for their dedicated work, that was demanding and time-consuming. She also thanked families of the volunteers for their patience, support and understanding.

Next on the agenda was the financial report presented by Elena Gosse.

The President started her financial report with the auditor’s comments, who mentioned high level of the financial reporting accuracy which lead to substantial cost savings of the audit check to $250. According to Elena Gosse, the former treasurer Irina Brook did not engage with the issue. As a result the QRCC was in a critical financial position at the time of the handing over the documents in March last year. It had its negative impact on the extremely high charges for the audit checks that reached over $1,500.

Elena Gosse presented the audience with the comprehensive report, that clearly outlined the financial position of the QRCC. The report featured all the income and expenditures figures on every event and project. The members of the meeting stated that this kind of information had been previously unavailable due to the incompetence of the former treasurer.

The President Gosse thanked everybody who helped the Centre financially. She also named all of the sponsors and then presented a report outlining the allocation of the funds.

After the expenditures on the construction of the disability access, refurbishment of the interior of the QRCC and payment of all current bills, in the time of the handover to 2012 Management Committee there is $11, 026 cash in the bank as well as $10, 725, 08 on the time deposit.

The next speakers were: Natalya Morozova, Alla Ekzarkcho, Oleg Golikov, Elena Popova, Valentina Rusakova, Konstantin Drozdovskii, Vladislav Musalyamov and Alexander Klestov:

Natalia Morozoff expressed deep gratitude to Elena Gosse personally for all of her hard work, wise and competent supervision, ability to encourage and lead people.

Alla Ekzarkho thanked the Board for the efficient work and as a head of the subcomitee for the Events Organisation contributed to the Elena Gosse’s report. She thanked the ‘Maximo’ dance studio and her director Olga Shikina for her professionalism , enthusiasm and initiative to represent Russian community at all the QRCC events. Alla Ekzarkcho also thanked studio’s soloists Masha Tukavina and Nina Sudnitsin.

Elena Popova thanked the Management Board of the 2011 and the President Elena Goss for all the work that has been carried out in the last year, professional approach and coordination of all the subcommitees.

Valentina Roussakoff has also expressed her gratitude to the Board and on behalf of all the attendees mentioned that the life at the Russian Centre has improved since the handover to the 2011 Board. Valentina shared with the audience that she finally felt the centre became her second home and she was always excited and eager for the rehearsals and upcoming events.

Constantin Drozdovski thanked and aknowledged Elena Gosse as an exceptional leader, who managed to gather such an efficient team. Constantin Drozdovski stated that this has been the most effective management of the centre since its first President Vladimir Masuk.

Vladislav Musalyamov emphasized the effective work of the Board in 2011, comparing it to the predecessors who were ineffective in managing the centre for the last five years prior to 2011. The careless management has nearly led the Centre into bankrupcy.

Alexander Klestov expressed his admiration to the Board for the amount of work they have carried out in 2011. He has also pointed out that it is important to be thankful to everybody who devotes the time for community work.

All the members of the committee, volunteers and those who helped the QRCC financially received special certificates from the President of the QRCC.

Marek Morozov and Misha Tyukavkin together with their parents have not been forgotten either and were acknowledged for their patience and understanding.

Elena Gosse’ President and Financial Reports were approved and accepted unanimously.

Next, on behalf of the Board, Olga Sunitsin presented the amendments to the QRCC Rules, that were accepted unanimously.

As states at QRCC rules, all members of the Board must resign from the office before the Annual General Meeting. All members then have a right to reapply for the Board’s positions on general grounds.

The attendees expressed their regrets that such an efficient, friendly and like-minded team has decided not to reapply for the next term. Everybody wondered: ‘What will happen to the QRCC?’

Elena Gosse stated that the 2011 committee was formed when the Centre faced hardships. The membership was declining as well as finances. Together with Natalia Morosoff they personally selected and approached potential Board members. During their term the 2011 Board managed to improve the financial position of the Centre, refurbish the QRCC building, grow membership and attract an amazing team of volunteers and find new Board members, who are full of enthusiasm and energy to contribute to the development of the QRCC.

Elena Gosse reassured everybody that the new candidates to the Board are worthy and reliable replacement. She also stated that all the resigned Board members would continue to take part in the life of the QRCC and assist in any way possible. She, on the other hand, would change the role of the President to the role of Mentor to the new QRCC Board.

All the new members of the committee were elected unanimously.

The new members are:

Elena Pakhomoff
Elena Ilina
Samantha Frolov
Olga Sudnitsin
Larisa Ouroumashvili
Elena Proskurina
Wayne Tilly
Gabe Masko
Andrew Leaborn

At the conclusion of the AGM, Oleg Golikov and Constantin Roussakoff took the floor.

Constantin Roussakoff thanked the 2001 Board for the incredible amount of work as well as for taking time to working on the 2012 Board formation. He confessed he was very concerned about the future of the QRCC after the resignation of the 2011 Board members, but now he could see that the Board has again proved to be responsible and caring by handing over to the new talented team.

Oleg Golikov thanked the President Elena Gosse and the Board once again and suggested to place names off all Presidents ever served at QRCC on the QRCC’s Board of Honour.

The majority supported the proposal.

This concluded the 2011 Annual General Meeting at the Queensland Russian Community Centre.

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President report here

Financial report here QRCC_Financial Report_presentation.pdf

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